Excess Salt Intake Damages the Brain

Scientists have found that if you eat a lot of salt and disregard fitness, you heart may suffer from it. New studies have shown that salt has a negative effect on the human brain.

Spoon and Salt

The survey of 1200 people has shown that there is a link between salt intake, sedentary lifestyle and cognitive disabilities. The author of the study Carol Greenwood used the data of another survey which involved people aged 67-84 years.

It led to a conclusion that people, who consumed much salt and rarely had physical exercise, began to show poor results in the tests of cognitive abilities, even if they had no signs of hypertension which is usually associated with the consumption of salt. It seems that salt not only affects blood pressure, but it also affects bones and heart health in general. The experts advise to avoid processed foods rich in salt and substitute them for fruit and vegetables.

The doctors remind that physical activity can help remove the effects of salt intake, even without changing the diet.

Source of the image: Photl.

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