Eternal Youth in Food?


Anti-aging cosmetics with the addition of antioxidants, collagen, elastin and other ingredients has long been a familiar instrument in one’s struggle for young skin. But the gastronomic delights with approximately the same components are the newest fashionable trend.

Fresh salad

In Japan, for example, you can already find dishes with collagen in some restaurants. This protein is produced by the body and makes the skin firm and elastic by protecting it from aging.

An unusual menu titled “Eat to stay young” contains a roll filled with collagen, a frosting of the same kind, as well as a salad made from seaweed and collagen.

The scientists, however, do not share such views saying that the skin is unlikely to benefit from oral taking of collagen. According to them, collagen is a protein that is cleaved in the body into amino acids, such as meat and fish.

Source of the image: Photl.