Poll Reveals Eating Food off the Floor Is OK for Britons

Cleanliness is not typical of the British, as an opinion poll showed. 10% of the population do not wash the dishes between lunch and dinner, and 70% of respondents don’t mind picking up food from the floor.


The British will not wash a plate of soup eaten for lunch, if they are going to use it for dinner – every tenth thinks so. Four out of every five respondents live in a dirty house, where they can use a kitchen towel to wipe the table and their own sock for cleaning dust from the furniture or the floor. Although the floors in British homes are usually dirty, 70% will pick up the fallen food from the floor to eat it.

Almost half of those surveyed anonymously (45%) recognized that they hated washing the dishes. However, this is not all. Many people simply wipe dirty plates with paper towels. They can also erase traces of lipstick or dirt from a glass with their finger and serve it to a guest. 46% of the 2,000 country residents who participated in the survey clean the windows in the house only when they can see nothing through them, or if the glass is dirtied by birds.

60% of the respondents do not change their bed sheets every week, and some even regularly buys new sheets, not to wash the old ones. When the British run out of clean underwear, they go out without it, simply not to do the laundry. Some respondents take a shower once a week, many allow dogs to sleep in the same bed with them or let them lick their plate, so as not to wash it. About 10% of the respondents brush their teeth with the same toothbrush for 4 years!

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