Eat Less to Live Longer

The scientists from the USA reached the conclusion that if we reduced food intake by 40%, life expectancy could be extended by 20 years.

Woman Eating

The specialists conducted experiments on rats, mice and drosophila flies (the genes of drosophila and mice are 60% identical to human ones), reducing the amount of food given to the laboratory rodents and insects.

By means of dieting and medications, they could prolong the life of those flies and mice. The experiments with rats showed that they could live up to 30% longer if their diet was reduced by 40%. In terms of human life, it is the period of 20 years. All living organisms demonstrate a direct correlation between life expectancy and food intake.

But there are many people, who dream of losing a certain number of pounds of their weight and eat considerable portions of food every day. Thus they inevitably gain weight rather than lose it. These people need to get used to eating smaller portions. One can start with reducing a single meal – supper, for example. The next step is to gradually lessen the amount of food eaten at dinner. Good luck to everyone, who is losing weight!

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