Depression Harms the Brain

Depression is harmful, and everyone, who has had it for some time, knows it perfectly well. It turns out that there is yet another, previously unknown effect of depression.

depressed woman
Lethargy, immobility, and an extremely depressed emotional state are all closely connected with depression. Meanwhile, it has another side effect, as the researchers from Yale University (USA) claim. The objective of their experiment was to determine how prolonged stress affected the brain.

In order to do this, the researchers examined brain tissue samples of the patients suffering from clinical depression and those having no depression. The comparative analysis showed that it provoked disconnection between separate brain cells. The head of the research, professor Ronald Daman says that under such conditions the brain shrinks, losing a significant amount of internal relations.

Fewer connections between cells means that the brain is less able to process information. It might be one more reason why a person lost in depression fails to adequately react to the surrounding events. So, if you have noticed the symptoms of depression in yourself or your dearest and nearest, do not postpone the treatment of this disease.

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