Cranberry Ineffective against Cystitis?


Many people consider cranberry to be an effective means of treating diseases of genitourinary apparatus. Cranberry juice is thought to have unique antiseptic effect which negatively influences the pathogenic flora. Is it really true?

Fresh cranberry

American scientists from the University of Michigan School of Public Health busted this myth with the help of a simple research. In the run of the laboratory study, several female students were tested, who had previously had infections of urinoexcretory ways. They were offered to drink a glass (250 ml) of cranberry juice or a glass of water two times a day during six months or until the infection disappears.

The danger of infection relapse was 20% among the women who drank cranberry juice. And among those women who took placebo it was only 14%. The obtained data completely contradict the statement that cranberry juice protects from the infections of genitourinary apparatus.

Nevertheless, cranberry is very useful by itself, and drinking cranberry juice will have a beneficial influence on people’s health. That is why it is recommended as an important part of our ration. However, one should not hope to cure the diseases of genitourinary apparatus by just treating them with cranberry.

Source of the image: Photl.