How Often Do You Quarrel with Your Partner?

If you counted about 200 quarrels a year, you can consider yourself in luck. If the number is closer to 400 times, here may be something wrong in your relationship. But if you and you partner fall out 312 times a year, you’re just an average couple, concludes a study of 3,000 people commissioned by Betterbathrooms.

Woman in boxing gloves

Researchers add that most of the bickering happens over cleanliness issues like cups with the dregs of a drink left all over the house.

The toilet seems to be the place where most controversial situations come up, what with dirty marks, leaving toilet unflushed and omission to replace empty toilet rolls.

A side finding was the likeliest time for a quarrel to flare up – Thursday evenings between dinnertime and 8pm.

As a rule a clash doesn’t last more than 10 minutes, but with them happening practically every day, “it seems a lot of time to be wasting bickering” – as a spokesperson for Betterbathrooms put it in the comment. Besides, the triviality of the arguments was said to be “an eye opener” for the researchers.

Here’s what the average couple most often fight over:

  1. Not washing down shaved-off stubble
  2. Leaving the toilet dirty
  3. Too much switching between TV channels
  4. Leaving empty toilet rolls unreplaced
  5. Failure to adjust the toilet seat
  6. Failure to switch off the lights
  7. Dirty cups left around
  8. Wet towels left lying on the floor
  9. Putting things away where they can’t be found easily
  10. Leaving the toilet unflushed

Source of the image: Photl.