Contacts Are Bad for Eyes

The enthusiasm young people have about the unusual contact lenses may have a ruinous effect on their eyesight, the oculists warn. Colored contacts of any size can be bought anywhere without a doctor’s recommendation and prescription. In their zeal to look like their favorite movie and cartoon characters, a lot of teenagers buy and wear lenses without any investigation conducted by an ophthalmologist.

Brown eye

As a matter of fact, young people do not take into account the individual peculiarities of their eyes and do not have the least notion about how dangerous for their health contacts are. Sometimes lenses fit the eye so tightly that it may lead to the reduction of oxygen which is delivered to the eyes. And if one does not get medical help, the blood vessels will malfunction, and it will lead to the worsening of eyesight, as the Associate professor of the Department of clinical ophthalmology in the School of Medicine at Indiana University Melanie Pickett says. And what is even worse, if the infection strikes the eye, loss of eyesight may happen within 24 hours.

Do not use contact lenses if you have not consulted the doctor.

Source of the image: Photl.