Breathe Vitamins in from LeWhif Vitamins

LeWhif, whom we all remember for turning out breathable chocolate, veered round to health care and produced breathable vitamins. We may not be so eager to give our mouth pleasures over to our noses, they assumedly judged, but we’ll be only too glad to transfer to the nose mouth duties.

LeWhif breathable Vitamins

While taking a good bite at a chocolate bar is definitely something that doesn’t require any betterment for many people, forking up vegetables, looking for healthy additives and minding your vitamin pills are things we can relegate to LeWhif’s care. Let’s see if we will.

Here are LeWhif Vitamins (three cheerful-looking vitamin sticks costing £5.99) that you whisk out of your purse and lewhif in, furnishing your body with all the necessary nutrients at one instant and looking graceful in the process. Also it seems to be a lot better to get them in without involving your stomach, as they tell us.

LeWhif, intending “to change the way that supplements are taken forever,” assures that once we have disposed with swallowing vitamins, a number of supplements find it a deal easier to get absorbed through “a non-digestive pathway”.

Therefore, LeWhif guarantees unspoiled bioavailability of their breathable vitamins, giving an example of resveratrol, whose one milligram, when absorbed via the mouth, equals in effect to a 250 milligram pill. Or probably you just don’t like pills on principle. Well, it’s nice to know that we do have a choice.

Source of the image: Itechdiary.

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