Breastfeeding Leads Mexican Women to Breast Cancer

The Biomarkers & Prevention journal and the Cancer Epidemiology journal have published a paper, whose authors assert that Mexican women are special. The factors that are considered to be anti-cancer ones have the opposite effect on the residents of this country: an especially aggressive form of breast cancer is developed. These factors include giving birth to several children, young maternal age, and breast-feeding of infants.

Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon

Maria Martinez from the University of California at San Diego is the leading author of the study. To her surprise, the scientists found that breastfeeding in Mexican women could be associated with the development of breast cancer with triple-negative phenotype. This is surprising, indeed. Not a single study has showed such a link yet. Most studies prove the benefits of breastfeeding for the health.

During the study of Mexican women, it was found that those who continued breastfeeding their babies for twelve months or more, were twice more likely to suffer from breast cancer. The same type of cancer was associated with a relatively young mother’s age, and having three or more children. It is worth noting that the studies that had been conducted on the women of non-Mexican origin proved that these factors prevented the development of breast cancer.

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