Blood Testing Before Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is an important steroid sex hormone excreted in men in testicles and in the adrenal cortex and in the female organism in the ovaries. The substance is responsible for sexual maturation, the presence of secondary sexual characteristics and normal sexual function. The lack of hormone may cause problems in the intimate life. If a person has abnormalities in the sexual system, then it is necessary to take a testosterone test.

There can be different situations when the hormone level may exceed/ scale down the standard level. In adolescence (starting at age 13), testosterone levels are significantly increased. At the same time, with age after 60 years, the level of the hormone decreases to 50%. Considering the fact that the substance affects the development of the bone and muscle systems, participates in the regulation of the sebaceous and sweat glands activities, it is extremely important to keep it in a good level. You should consider testosterone blood test fasting if you desire to make sure there are no pathologies with it.

Preparation for Research

To assure the maximum accuracy of the blood test for testosterone, it is extremely important to follow some rules. The amount of the hormone in the blood varies depending on the time of day and the season. The most accurate results will be received in the morning and during the autumn season. If the test is performed at this time, the expert will take into account the indications in the results sheet.

Preparation of the patient for analysis involves the following actions:

  • The absence of any physical activity of increased severity. This rule is explained by the fact that the load affects the production of the hormone.
  • A prerequisite is a cautious behavior, which excludes psychological stress. The sensitive emotional state leads to the disruption of your hormonal balance.
  • Refusal of alcohol and smoking. You can smoke no later than 2 hours before the test.
  • The blood test involves interrupting the course of treatment with certain medications. If drugs are necessary for life, the doctor who prescribes the analysis should know about their admission.
  • The blood test is taken in the morning on empty stomach.
  • Before the test, do not keep the diet. If you stick to a special, you must first accustom yourself to a normal eating and then take the test.
  • If you have recently been sick or are sick now, you should postpone the blood test for testosterone for a couple of weeks.

The consistency of the results depends even on how the patient behaved during the blood sampling. Therefore, it is necessary to hand over the analysis correctly and be ready for it. It is recommended to take venous blood from a patient lying on a couch or chair in a state of complete rest. Otherwise, you risk obtaining wrong results.

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