Best Foods to Eat on Hot Days

Doctors recommend to choose the foods that you eat in the hot weather carefully. Your menu should be adjusted to outdoor temperature: not only drinks but also food should support the body in such an unfavorable period.


According to nutritionists, the main condition of nutrition on hot days is reducing calories: at each 10-degree temperature rise it is necessary to reduce the number of calories consumed by 5-10%. You should also reduce the amount of food eaten.

You should give up eating meat in hot weather, experts say. Especially fat meat. It can be replaced with fish or seafood, but if you cannot do it, better choose lean veal, chicken or turkey. Moreover, doctors recommend eating meat cold.

Famous American nutritionist and diet consultant Luigi Gratton warns about proper fluid intake (30ml per kg body weight plus half a liter of water in the heat), as well as plenty of fruits and vegetables, which help to cope with the heat very well. These products help to supply the liquid and minerals spent with sweat, and contain antioxidants that may help protect the body from the damage caused by solar radiation.

According to the expert, the best foods in hot weather are:

  • musk melon (with orange flesh) – it helps to restore the balance of potassium, the content of which is three times higher than in watermelon;
  • berries – they are composed of components, similar to aspirin, which reduce the pain from sunburn;
  • spinach – a great source of magnesium and lutein, which protects the skin and eyes from sun exposure;

In addition, foods containing a lot of moisture are perfect on hot days. They have a cooling effect on the body. The list of the best “cooling” foods includes

  • cucumber (containing 96% water);
  • celery (94%);
  • tomatoes (93%);
  • strawberry (90%);
  • papaya (89%);
  • grapefruit (88%)
  • orange (86%).
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