Beautiful Suntan and Skin Cancer: Two Sides of One Coin

A while ago scientific studies suspected tanning beds to be ‘probable carcinogens’; unfortunately, further research proves that they are conducive to developing skin cancer.


A frequent use of tanning beds augments the risk of contracting melanoma (a severe case of skin cancer) by 75 % in people younger than 30, reveals an article in a recent issue of Lancet Oncology.

Sunbeds may also stimulate the development of eye melanoma with certain people.

The researchers from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) are now sure that the ultra-violet coming from various devices producing artificial suntan possess carcinogen threat for us.

Lead researcher Vincent Cogliano warned that the ultraviolet A (UVA), UVB and UVC radiations may all lead to the appearance of cancer growth. “People mistakenly see a tan as a sign of health when it is actually a sign of damage to the skin,” he pointed out.

The scientists appealed to officials to work out a more limiting industry regulation on the use of sunbeds and sunlamps.

It looks like all suntan devices, particularly tanning beds and sunlamps, are now regarded as carcinogenic-risky as cigarettes, asbestos and arsenic.

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