Asparagus Treats Hangover

The employees of the National University of Jeju in South Korea claim that asparagus can cure and prevent hangover. Korean experts have discovered new properties of asparagus: its shoots and leaves protect liver cells from toxins and relieve the symptoms of alcohol hangover.


This became clear after the analysis of the components contained in the leaves and shoots of asparagus, as well as their impact on human liver cells and rodents. As noted by the authors of the study, “cell toxicity was significantly reduced after exposure to the extract of asparagus leaves.” The results of the study showed that biological functions of asparagus may have a positive impact on getting rid of hangover and protecting liver cells. It is assumed that the healing effect is observed due to a high content of amino acids and minerals in the plant.

So, include asparagus into your diet when planning the intake of alcoholic beverages, especially coctails, because this leads to hangover, and asparagus prevents it.