Are Women’s Sexual Problems a Pharmaceutical Myth?

Very recently, the British Medical Journal published an article stating that the diagnosis of female sexual dysfunction is nothing but a blasphemy invented by big pharmaceutical companies. This was done in order to successfully sell drugs.

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The author of the article, a journalist and lecturer at the Australian University of Newcastle, Ray Moynihan, conducted his own investigation. Moynihan argues that employees of pharmaceutical companies helped paid competent doctors to create pseudo-diagnoses. In turn, the doctors convinced patients on the need for special treatment to save their sexual life.

As an example, an educational course for U.S. doctors organized by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was conducted, where it was discussed that 63 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction and that prescribing testosterone and sildenafil (Viagra) with behavioral psychotherapy can help them. The activeness of the German Boehringer Ingelheim before the scheduled launch of the drug flibanserin designed ostensibly to increase female sexual desire was also noted.

The U.S. FDA did not approve both drugs for use. But according to Moynihan, a mass of scientific papers on the problem of sexual dysfunction remained, creating an impression of the necessity of finding new medicines.

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