8 Tips to Strengthen the Immune System

We get sick especially often in autumn and winter. How can we improve our immune system and make the body more resistant to illnesses? There are several ways to take care of the immune system.

Prevent Illness

1. Reduce Alcohol Intake

In cold weather, it is tempting for some to get warmed by something alcoholic. A glass of strong liquor really makes you warm, but we must remember that alcohol is a powerful immunosuppressant. The more alcohol we drink, the weaker our immune system is.

2. Reduce Stress

Chronic stress always leads to immunodeficiency. Life without stress is impossible, but if it becomes permanent, you need to change something. Maybe, the best time to do it is now? After all, there are things that everyone can afford doing: a relaxing bath or an evening when you go to bed early to get a good rest.

3. Eat More Protein Rich Food

The immune system consumes a lot of protein. To give a generalized immune response, the body produces billions of new cells, whose total amount approximates the size of a fist, and synthesizes half a glass or a glass of protein. Immune deficiency is observed when we lack materials for such a response. Vitamins are needed for a favorable background. In short, our diet should be rich in protein (meat, dairy products), fruit and vegetables.

4. Foods Strengthening the Immunity

Garlic, onions, greenery, broccoli, carrots, tea, ginger – all of these products help to increase immunity. Moreover, garlic, onions and ginger are natural antiseptics.

5. Aromatherapy

If you want to make the air in your apartment cleaner, resort to aromatherapy. The oils of tea, peppermint, eucalyptus and cypress help decontaminate the air. And they also have beneficial effect on the immune system.

6. Physical Activities

In cold weather, one wants to go out less often, but just at that time movement is particularly needed: jogging, swimming in a pool, attending a fitness center or a sports club – all of these physical activities assist us in the fight for better immunity.

7. Cold Training

This is a method of making the body stronger, but it works only if you are ready for it. Cold training is not recommended, if you feel unwell.

8. Smile to Avoid Diseases

The better a person’s mood is, the less chance he has to feel unwell, in the physical sense in particular: our mind has a great influence on the well-being of the body. Thus, happiness and positive emotions are also a way of taking care of our health.