7 Sex and Health Facts

Sex is a damn nice, funny and sometimes obscene thing, which is always useful for our body and soul. Making love makes human brain work better, the levels of cortisol hormone and adrenaline increase, and it stimulates the activity of the gray matter. We are getting smarter – that is a fact. But what about health?

Sex and Health Facts

1. Sex Is Beneficial to Woman’s Health

The doctors assure us that sex is necessary not only for getting satisfaction. It is very good for health. Why? Sex increases the content of the “happiness hormone” without chocolate, menopause is postponed for an indefinite period, and wrinkles are smoothed out. This is an excellent prevention of diabetes. The healing power of sex does not end there.

2. Making Love Strengthens the Immune System

It has been proved that the immune system is directly dependent on our emotional state. The better you feel, the less sick you are. Another “sexy” hormone – serotonin – strengthens your immune system so that even in the midst of a flu epidemic the probability that you will get sick is twice lower! Not a bad way to support yourself during the spring beriberi, isn’t it? But it is particularly important to mention oxytocin hormone, which protects against breast cancer.

3. Regular Sex Prevents Heart Attacks

Heart diseases rose in number in the 20th century, which is not surprising: workaholics find it much harder to have time for sex. Regular sex can make the risk of stroke and heart attack twice lower. Those who are actively engaged in sex improve their blood circulation, train the heart muscle, and improve overall body tone.

4. Woman’s Breast Health Depends on Sex

Mammologists came to a paradoxical conclusion. Most women, who get mastopathy, do not have regular sex life. Thus, according to the U.S. scientists, 89% of women with problems in their personal life are at the initial stage of mastitis. Another medical fact is that in case of fibrocystic mastopathy doctors recommend getting pregnant to women, that is to have sex at least once! Sex is also an excellent remedy for blood stagnation in the pelvis: partner’s penis acts as a “natural” massager, driving the blood and causing the walls of the vagina and uterus to contract.

5. Other Sex Facts: Painkiller, Sedative, Detox

Due to sex, you can forget about painkillers: PMS symptoms are reduced. Evening sex is the best sleeping pill. On the contrary, morning sex invigorates and allows you to feel an all-day-long burst of energy without coffee. Finally, sex has a detox effect. During a sexual intercourse, blood begins to circulate more rapidly, and it removes toxins.

6. Sex Helps Burn Calories and Promotes Weight Loss

Nutritionists have estimated how many calories we spend while having sex. Thus, women lose 112 kilocalories during orgasm. By the way, it is interesting to know that if there is no orgasm, and you really need to pretend, you may be comforted by the fact that you will burn exactly five times more calories. So, half a kilo is gone!

7. Sex Is Beneficial to Men’s Health as well

Here is important information for men. For 12 years, the British scientists had been monitoring a group of 1,200 men, aged from 35 to 49 years at the start of the experiment. Not long ago, the results of these studies were published in the “British Medical Journal.” They showed that the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease was two times smaller in those men, who had no less than two sexual intercourses per week (and it is better to have more!) than in those, who were satisfied with one sexual intercourse per month. Undoubtedly, an active sex life is the best prevention of prostatitis and prostate tumors (adenomas and cancer). Diseases of the prostate are a scourge for men over 40. It is the regularity of ejaculation that is a prerequisite of the normal state of this important organ.

Well, you just have to show these lines to your husbands and boyfriends. And go ahead – extend the healthy and happy life!