6 Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

Sounds strange to say, but summer seems to have flown by and cold season is right around the corner. If you’ve made it through the hotter months without succumbing to a summer cold, then hats off to you. However, when the temperatures drop and the coats and hats come out, the coughs and sniffles seem to sneak up on nearly everyone. Unless you quarantine yourself in your home away from human interaction, you’ll most likely pick up the germs that spread colds, wreaking havoc on your immune system.


There are ways to help you avoid colds and also to bounce back from them faster. Taking a sick day hardly seems appealing when it means you’re at home feeling miserable. If you grew up with your mom telling you to take your vitamin C to help prevent you from getting sick, she may also have shared these tips with you as well in an effort to keep you healthy.

Tip #1: Get your ZZZs. Many people get the hours of sleep they can survive on, not the actual amount they need. Don’t burn the candle on both ends. Look to your sleep pattern as part of your health regimen. Not getting enough sleep can wear your body down and make you more susceptible to picking up the flu that’s making the rounds at the office. Try to stick with a sleep schedule that gives you at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Tip #2: Eat your vegetables. Your parents weren’t just trying to be nags by making you eat your broccoli. They just wanted to make sure you were receiving the proper nutrition. The more veggies you consume a day, the more nutrients and vitamins you naturally put into your body. Your immune system can thrive when supplied with the proper amount of both, which can mean you can find yourself being sick less.

Tip #3: Aim for being stress-free. Studies have shown that stress can lead to an increased risk in illness. Limiting your intake, so to speak, isn’t just ideal for your physical health, but also your mental or psychological health as well. Incorporate yoga or meditation into your daily routine to de-stress. Or, simply relax with soothing music and/or a good book for a few hours a day. Give your body a chance to rest and recharge without constantly worrying.

Tip #4: Limit your alcohol intake. It might be easy to turn to pouring a drink at 5 o’clock to wind down the day, but too much of a good thing can be bad. Too much alcohol can be bad news for your immune system, and it can also affect the quality of sleep you are receiving. A glass of wine now and then can be a good way to unwind. On the other hand, a bottle per night is probably taking the indulgence a little too far.

Tip #5: Take your vitamins. Schedule a checkup with your doctor and learn what vitamins are best based on your age, current diet, and any deficiencies you might have. If you aren’t sure what you need more of, take a multivitamin every day to make sure you are getting the right amount on a regular basis.

Tip #6: Stop smoking. A weak immune system is a side effect of long-term cigarette use. Check out some electronic cigarettes at NJOY.com to get you inspired to quit smoking real cigarettes and improve your overall immune system. It will also help preserve the health of those around you who might be affected by secondhand smoke.

Tip #7: Soak up the sunshine. Help boost your immune system by enjoying the great outdoors. It’s good for your skin, health, and peace of mind. Schedule more time away from your electronic devices and more time moving around outside.

It’s no fun being sick, so why not do what you can to prevent it? Giving your immune system the boost it needs can help prepare it for the inevitable time of year where colds and other viruses seem to make their rounds. By always being good to your body, you keep it strong to battle any sick germs it might be susceptible to, making it easier to shake it off faster and get back to your healthy self.