6 Symptoms You Must Not Ignore

Our body is constantly sending signals about whether it is in good health. However, we do not always take them seriously, even though we should. Some of these tips must not be ignored in any case!

Woman, headache

1. Headache

With the bustling pace of life, we ​​often do not have time to stop and think about our own health. Thus, sudden headache is often explained by the weather change, arrhythmia is supposed to be caused by a difficult time, and stomach problems are linked to the low-quality dinner. Anything is possible, but there are also signals from the body, which should be taken very seriously.

2. Amenorrhea

If you haven’t had menstruation for two months, and there is no way you can think about pregnancy – it is a reason to feel worried. Disruption of the menstrual cycle can be caused by many things: too rigid diet (the body no longer receives the necessary vitamins and responds in such a way to this change), inflammation of the urinary system, or even cancer. So there is an urgent need to see a gynecologist, who is the only one to give good advice.

3. Eyelid Twitching

Eyelid twitching for a long time may be caused by eye strain, for example, if you spend too much time in front of the computer monitor. To get rid of this ailment, you need to take a cold cotton swab and make a lotion. If that does not work and the eyelid keeps twitching, you need to ask a neurologist for help. This could possible be a signal of a serious nervous disorder, stroke or sclerosis.

4. Black Spots in Vision

They may look different and take the form of spots, dots, stripes, etc. They always appear suddenly and are especially visible against a bright and white light. If such an unpleasant visual effect does not disappear for weeks, see an ophthalmologist. It may be a signal of cataracts and other serious eye problems.

5. Waking up at Night And Not Being Able to Fall Asleep Again

This type of insomnia may be a sign of a nervous breakdown, ulcer and other gastrointestinal problems, such as the diseases of the cerebral cortex. If it lasts for more than a week, contact your physician – and you will receive valid recommendations.

6. Under Eye Circles & Bags

Dark under eye circles can result from the lack of sleep. Doctors recommend us to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. However, under eye circles can be caused by different reasons, such as anemia: the body produces too few red blood cells, and it makes the skin under the eyes darken.

There can be a lot of such strong signals, so you should not postpone your visit to the doctor. Remember that any disease is easier to prevent rather than to treat.

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