6 Reasons for Eczema

There are many causes of eczema, which are well known to science. Here are six of the most common causes.


1. Nutrition

Nutrition is the most frequent cause of eczema, as many people observe increased sensitivity to different types of products and their components. Among the products, which often cause eczema, doctors mention citrus fruits, nuts, milk, chicken, soy, wheat, and seafood. It is very important for the people suffering from eczema to know what components in the diet worsen their condition and exclude their intake.

2. Soap and cosmetics

Another common cause of eczema is soap and detergents that contain chemicals, including various oils, surfactants or crystals that cause an allergic skin reaction. Among hygiene products, which are the cause of eczema, one can name soap, moisturizers, lotions for the face and body, shower gels, perfumes, and cosmetics. If you have a skin disorder caused by soap or shampoo, it makes sense to use their plant-based equivalents, made from natural resources without adding many chemical substances.

3. Change of temperature

Itchy skin is very often caused by irregular temperature. For example, intense heat, cold, damp or dry air caused by central heating. In this case, humidifiers or air conditioners can sometimes be helpful.

4. Fabrics

A variety of fabrics, which our clothes or bedding are made of, often cause eczema. In this case, you can always change them.

5. Stress

In the state of stress, our bodies experience inflammation, which is reflected on the skin. That’s why people facing severe nerve shocks, often suffer from an excessive amount of acne or eczema.

6. Jewelry

Wearing jewelry leads to eczema not too often, but it may still be a risk factor. Especially if you have sensitive skin, and all other causes of eczema are already excluded.

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