5 Underwear Questions You Did not Dare to Pose

Can I wear yesterday’s panties? Can I go without panties? What is the role of fabric? What underwear can I wear to the gym? We have collected answers to all these questions in a new article.


Underwear is an integral part of everyone’s (or almost everyone’s) wardrobe. There are a number of varieties of all sizes and shapes. People have underwear for every day, but there are pairs for special occasions.

Moreover, judging by the money that people are willing to spend on underwear, it plays a very important role in their lives. According to some data, the turnover of this industry has reached $30 billion. If to think it over, this means paying a lot of money for a piece of cloth that is hidden from people’s eyes most of the time.

Despite the fact that underwear is paid such attention, there are a number of issues that are rarely raised and openly discussed.

In this article, we have gathered the hottest, in our opinion, questions about underwear and its impact on our health. Maybe, you have always wanted to ask them, but hesitated.

1. Can I wear one pair of underwear for several days?

According to Greatist expert J. Scott Kasteler, MD, there is no problem in wearing yesterday’s underwear again in terms of health effects. It is theoretically possible not to wear a fresh pair as long as underwear looks clean (there are no traces of excrements).

But this advice has two exceptions. Panties should be changed more frequently if:

there are sores, rashes, scratches on the skin adjacent to the intimate places (they increase the risk of infection);
you have been sweating extensively.

The second tip is typically for women because excess moisture is an ideal environment for the development of the fungal infection, which is called candidiasis.

Though the problem with infections in the groin is not so burning for men, still it is a good practice to change underwear as soon as you get sweaty (to reduce the unnecessary risks).

2. Does the fabric play its role?

If to answer briefly, fabric is really important when it comes to health.

To prevent infection and itching in intimate places, it is strongly recommended to wear clean and loose cotton underwear during the periods of increased physical activity. The skin will be able to breathe.


However, synthetic underwear has become popular in recent years, as its fabric is capable of removing moisture. This fabric is used to make clothing for professional athletes. This means something.

The researchers have found that the participants of the experiment, who were wearing the clothing that removes moisture, demonstrated better results in sports than those who were wearing the clothes made of cotton fabric. In addition, they felt more comfortable.

And if you look into the issue, there is nothing surprising. Just think of yourself and your feelings after you run a dozen kilometers in a wet cotton T-shirt.

3. Is it possible to train in thong panties?

Speaking quite honestly, there are no studies that have examined the relationship between wearing thong panties during exercise and health.

But if you think logically, you can come to some conclusions independently. Thongs leave a vast surface of the skin around the intimate areas open. These surfaces are in contact with other clothing (e.g., sweat-stained leggings), which may become an additional source of moisture and the environment for the development of harmful bacteria.

Due to their shape, thong panties can be displaced or twisted, transferring bacteria from one skin area to another.

Therefore, although there is no scientific evidence, it makes sense to wear closed training underwear. In such a way, you will protect yourself from unnecessary problems.

4. Which is better: boxers or briefs?

One of the most topical issues is how different types of men’s underpants affect men’s potency?

Scientific studies tell us that heat affects sperm production. Raising the temperature of the scrotum makes it more difficult to produce sperm. What affects the temperature and comfort of the testicles? Underwear does.

Therefore, if a man is ready to conceive, it is not recommended to put on too tight pants; instead, it is better to give preference to loose underwear.

5. Can I go without underwear?


Yes, you can! And there are a few sensible reasons.

Too loose underwear (if we talk about training) has one big disadvantage: it rubs the skin, which can cause itching and irritation. That is why you may wear no underwear for training (or the period of heightened activity) if you have no problems with the skin (scars, sores, rashes), and your outerwear is dense, tight and capable of removing moisture. In this case, you can enjoy freedom.

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