5 Healthy Teeth Tips

Oral hygiene is not enough to delay going to the dentist for as long as possible. You need to keep to a special diet, which prevents tooth decay from within.


Healthy teeth diet is no big deal, but despite this, very few people meet all the requirements. Most of us do not think about the consequences of a wrong diet as long as we do not feel any discomfort and pain – only then we race to the dentist and do not spare money for the treatment, though prevention would not cost us a thing.

The most common mistake that leads to tooth decay is contrasting food. The combination of hot and cold dishes destroys enamel, and it develops cracks, which make us wince from pain during the meal.

Another trigger is solid food (sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts, crackers, etc.). It does not only spoil the enamel, but also threatens with total or partial loss of tooth. This is largely due to the lack of calcium in the body – its concentration in the body gradually reduces after 25, so sometimes you need to take vitamins containing this trace element.

The most harmful products for teeth are sweets – in particular, candies. If you have a sweet tooth, dentists recommend replacing buns and chocolates with fruits, vegetables, or fruit juice.

Finish the meal with vegetables – cucumbers, carrots or a couple of radishes. You can eat an unpeeled apple because its peel contains many nutrients and cleans the enamel. Before dinner, dentists consider it necessary to chew a slice of raw potato. It is rich in vitamins and very good for digestion.

Remember that citrus fruits violate the acid-base balance, and their excessive intake is undesirable not only for dental health, but for the gastrointestinal tract, as well.

Rinse your mouth after every meal. Use floss or a toothbrush if possible.

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