5 Happiness Facts

How much does a person need to be happy? How can you feel happy even if there are no reasons for joy? Below we share five interesting facts about happiness.

Happy Woman and man

  1. The key things to be happy are to be able to enjoy (especially your work, because we are committed to it most of the time), feel fit and have a purpose in life (religion or philosophy can help with this), be social (friends and family), have control over your life. Of all these things, the most underestimated one is the lack of control. The feeling of helplessness can affect entire populations, and (presumably) strongly reduce life expectancy.
  2. Exercise and religion are very effective, because they regularly supply us with small amounts of happiness.
  3. Income growth ceases to bring happiness after reaching a certain level (for the U.S. – about $ 80 thousand per year). Most people do not need a lot of money. It is enough to have more than your neighbor has.
  4. Set ambitious goals and be busy all the time. Idleness quickly spoils the mood. Think how rich your working days are and what emptiness sometimes comes at weekends.
  5. Smile, even if you are unhappy and there is no one around. The muscles will signal to the brain, and you will really get better.
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