5 Foods for Healthy Teeth

Diet can be a good prevention of dental problems. American scientists from the University of Michigan have made a list of the five best products that protect our teeth from decay.


1. Strawberry

These berries contain a wide range of microelements that can whiten your teeth, including malic acid. This berry has long been regarded as the best means of preventing dental disease of any kind. For these purposes, strawberries were equally used in both Western and Eastern medicine, which is quite a rare thing.
Strawberries to protect your stomach

2. Dairy Products

In its turn, the consumption of dairy products on a regular basis is also considered a key factor in the health of tooth enamel. It is well known that milk contains calcium – the main construction material of bones and teeth. But few people know that these products, among other things, contain kozein and hydroxyapatite, a protein and a mineral respectively that protect our teeth from disease and destruction.

3. Sugar-free Chewing Gum

The most common sugar-free chewing gum is very important for dental health because its consumption helps make saliva – a natural cleaner of the tooth enamel. A lot of varieties of chewing gums contain xylitol, an alcohol-based solution, which is very effective at destroying harmful bacteria in the mouth.

Sugar-free chewing gum

4. Water

Surprisingly, this is one of the most important elements of the tooth health. However, it must be just pure clear water – neither tea, nor coffee or any other colored drink. According to several studies, dehydration makes the risk of oral diseases, as well as susceptibility to dental caries, approximately twice higher.


5. Leafy Vegetables

In the process of chewing leafy vegetables, the teeth are covered with microscopic particles of vegetables, which are similar to xylitol. They destroy bacteria very effectively. They also contribute to a better absorption of calcium, helping you maintain healthy bones and teeth, while consuming less dairy products.


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