5 CBD Oil Tincture Questions and Answers

It’s an exciting time for cannabis growers and users. More states are legalizing recreational marijuana use, and there are more cannabis-related products than ever hitting the market. People can use these for a lot more than just getting high.

For example, there are several CBD oil tinctures that are finding their way into the market these days. In this article, we’ll talk about these products and answer some common questions about them.

What Exactly is a CBD Oil Tincture?

The first and most obvious query is what precisely a CBD oil tincture is. The term refers to highly concentrated CBD extracts. The maker then combines these with other natural liquids.

You’re supposed to consume the tincture in small droplets at a time. Medium-chain triglycerides, sometimes abbreviated as MCTs, are one of the most common additives.

Many people start CBD oil beauty regimens. You can choose one that has fruit or other natural oils, MCTs, and the CBD extract itself. Many companies have proprietary blends, so you’ll need to look at the ingredients to figure out which one sounds best to you.

The compound you select will give you a hearty CBD dose, along with some natural fruity flavors.

What’s the Best Way to Consume a CBD Oil Tincture?

You can add a couple of tincture drops to your favorite drink, such as a smoothie, or to food as well. Some people forego this method and apply a couple of drops under the tongue.

You can try some different methods to see which one feels best. You might add a few drops to water if you’re attempting to stay hydrated during the day. Some people also add it to Jell-O or to a fruit cocktail.

What Are Some of the Most Notable CBD Oil Tincture Benefits?

As for what benefits you can get from it, you’ll get all the CBD benefits that friends and family might have mentioned to you. CBD is a chemical that growers extract from the hemp plant. People like it because of its soothing qualities.

Keep in mind that you won’t get high from CBD oil. It’s not the same as smoking a joint. That’s why you might see CBD products in a grocery store rather than a head shop. It is not a controlled substance since it will not impair you when you use it.

If you have inflammation issues or muscle pain, this can help with those. It can relieve stress and also help with sleep issues if you have occasional or chronic insomnia.

Many individuals who want a natural insomnia cure report positive results with it. You can use it and then not feel groggy the next morning.

How is a CBD Oil Tincture Different from Regular CBD Oil?

The manufacturers extract herbal oil like CBD from plants by pressing it. They also might use a liquid solution to remove the oils that they want their customers to consume.

That method matters because depending on how the maker extracts the oils, they might get more or less of it. In other words, depending on their methodology, they might come away with a higher or a lower CBD oil concentration.

CBD oil tincture does contain CBD oil, but it is not the only way to get or use it. You can get one without the other, but many people enjoy the extra additives that a proprietary CBD oil tincture recipe has.

Is This Legal?

You will need to check with your home state to see whether you can legally buy CBD oil tinctures. However, since CBD oil is not a controlled substance, you should be able to purchase and use it now with no issues.

The Food and Drug Administration hasn’t substantiated what CBD oil or tinctures can do. Still, many doctors are now encouraging patients to try it, especially if they have sleep issue complaints or muscle stiffness and soreness.

Since so many individuals have stiff or sore muscles as they age, it’s great to have another option on the market besides over-the-counter pain meds and physical routines, like yoga or Pilates. Some people do combine CBD oil tincture consumption with exercise and other efforts.

You’ll probably need to experiment a bit with CBD products before you determine how well they work for you. Everyone’s physiology is different, so one person might not have the same results as another. Anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil tincture has several uses, though, and it’s easy to purchase and try.

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