4 Reasons Why You Need a Family Dentist

Sometimes people seem to consider dental care to be optional. While they would never dream of going an entire year without seeing a primary care physician, the dentist only comes to mind when something is wrong. At the same time, about 3.5 billion people are suffering from oral diseases worldwide! The fact is that you need to be seeing one of the MapleRidge Vaughan dentists at least two or three times a year. Why is this so important? Except for the fact that we could only recommend this team of professionals, here are four other reasons to consider.

All Your Dental Records are in One Place

When you don’t have a regular dentist, it’s not unusual to look around and see someone new when you decide it’s time for a checkup or to look into having some type of dental work done. That may take care of the immediate need, but it does nothing in terms of building a solid history. Relying on your memory may or may not work all that well, especially about conditions that occurred years ago.

Choosing to have a family dentist means all of your dental history and records are in one place. That makes it easier for the dental professional to take all that information into consideration before recommending a course of treatment. That may not mean a lot when you’re having your teeth cleaned, but that history can come in handy if you need treatment for a serious condition.

You Don’t Forget About an Annual Checkup

According to the stats, 85 percent of Americans find oral health very important. If you have a family dentist, the clinic will normally contact you about setting up a date and time for your next annual checkup. As the date approaches, the clinic will send reminders by phone, text, email, or whatever method you selected. That’s good news since life does get busy and you could forget about the appointment altogether.

You Know Who to Call If There’s a Problem

Perhaps you’ve noticed a tooth that seems to be discolored or believes that you must have chipped a tooth while chewing on some ice. There’s not any real pain right now, but you are a little concerned. Since you do have a family dentist, there’s no need to figure out who to call. Contact the clinic, describe what you’ve noticed, and schedule a date to see your usual dentist. Whatever the issue may be, it can often be resolved quickly.

Especially in an Emergency Situation

What if there is a lot of pain? Do you have to wait until the following business day to seek help? That’s not the case if you have a family dentist who provides emergency care. All you will need to do is contact the clinic and describe what’s happening. You’ll receive some instructions on what to do in terms of applying cold to a swollen area or preserving a tooth that’s been knocked out of the socket.

You’ll also be told to come in and see a professional who can assess the situation and take appropriate action. Compare this scenario to trying to find dental care when you don’t see a dentist on a regular basis.

From general care to receiving emergency dentistry when the need arises, nothing beats having a family dentist. If you won’t have one currently today is the ideal time to change that. Once you have signed up with a dental clinic, make sure you see the dentist for an annual exam and at least once teeth cleaning per year. Your diligence will pay off in the form of better dental health in the years to come.

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