30 Simple Things Making You Happy

Suffering from the daily routine, one can easily awaken his/her creative inspiration with the help of small joys.

Happy woman

Life consists of small things. Business, bustle, haste, and routine do not give us an opportunity to observe and enjoy plain household pleasures. But there are so many wonderful and positive things around us. Perhaps, the ability to enjoy these little trifles gives us the feeling of happiness. One just has to stop for a moment and look around:

  1. Sleeping on new fresh bed sheets.
  2. Sneeze three or more times in a row.
  3. Stir feet in the water.
  4. Feel that there are still a lot of unread pages in the book you like very much.
  5. Slip and avoid falling down.
  6. Remove the dried layer of rubber glue or wax from your hands, as if it were the second skin.
  7. Receive the text message you have been waiting for.
  8. Wake up after a very realistic nightmare and realize that it was only a dream.
  9. Bite off a patty/bun/éclair on the side where the filling is.
  10. Find a crispy fried potato in a serving of fried potatoes that resembles French fries.
  11. Remove the protective layer from the screen of the brand new electronic gadget.
  12. Move one leg from under the cover and feel you’re not hot.
  13. Find the secret nest egg, which you have forgotten about.
  14. Feel the smell of garlic, thrown into the frying pan in hot olive oil a minute ago.
  15. Accidentally enter your old and long-forgotten password successfully.
  16. See the fridge full of foods that are left after the holidays.
  17. See how the cat jumps up on your knees and immediately begins to purr and knead its paws.
  18. See how birch buds develop in thousands of tiny leaves in a matter of a day.
  19. Throw something right into the dustbin from a distance.
  20. Wake up early in the morning and remember that it is a day off, so you can stay in bed and fidget about comfortably.
  21. Accidentally feel the smell from your childhood somewhere.
  22. Listen to the song you have liked recently again and again.
  23. Hear a song on the radio right after you have muttered under your breath.
  24. Feel the smell of spring in February and the smell of summer in May.
  25. Sort out a box with toys and childhood belongings.
  26. Lie in bed and listen to the rain drumming against the window sill.
  27. Walk for a long time and then come home and sit down on the sofa.
  28. Cry with laughter.
  29. Flip the pillow to the cool side.
  30. Notice that the strangers standing next to you laugh, when listening to your conversation with your friends.

The variety of these small things is endless. Let’s prove it and continue the list in the comments. Let there be as many simple pleasures in life as possible!

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