3 Reasons to Maintain a Good Posture

An incorrect posture can be no less harmful than smoking. In addition to health issues, a hunched posture can negatively affect your mood, productivity, and even success.


The average office workaholic in the US spends only 36% of the working time with a correct posture. In other words, he sits crooked 38 minutes out of an hour. And this must be fought with because a “mighty” posture with a straight spine and open shoulders helps prevent back pain and improves physical condition. It will also contribute to the social status and performance.

1. Posture affects productivity

Back pain is one of the most frequent complaints that visitors to polyclinics have. The cause of suffering is often on the surface and is associated with the incorrect posture. A straight back has completely the opposite effect: a person feels a burst of energy and gets rid of migraines and stress; concentration is enhanced, and efficiency increases.

The fact is that normal functioning of the respiratory and digestive systems depends on the posture. A “hunched” back does not allow these systems to work in the usual way, in particular to supply the brain with the required amount of oxygen and nutrients. As soon as one straightens the shoulders, the posture normalizes the interaction of the body organs, improving its overall health.

2. Posture affects self-confidence

The correct posture helps produce the chemical substances that make you believe in yourself. A raised head and widely straightened shoulders cause the production of testosterone. This famous hormone gives strength and confidence. Besides, it contributes to the production of cortisol that is responsible for reducing stress.

A study conducted at Ohio State University found that a half an hour spent with a bad posture significantly raises the level of anxiety, depression and fear. Keeping your back straight leads to greater confidence and a lower level of stress.

3. Posture affects the social status

A bad posture belittles your leadership skills. In one of his TED Talk speeches social psychologist Amy Cuddy tells how body language forms the personality. She draws a parallel with the animal world. Imagine how dignified and majestic big dominating animals look, and now think about how weaker animals shrink as they feel powerless.

People repeat such behavior subconsciously. A good posture gives a sense of power and control. We slouch and fold our arms in moments of uncertainty. Simply by changing the position of the body, you can boost your confidence and leadership qualities.

Amy gives important advice: take the Superman position before an important speech or an important interview.

Move your legs shoulder-width apart, straighten your back and put your hands on the hips for about two minutes. Now you are ready!

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