10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp


Stay young and sharp by doing things that will hone your thinking skills and challenge your brain. Exercising your mind does not have to be difficult at all. In fact, many of the things you already love to do are indeed good for your brain. Here are 10 things you can do to exercise your brain and keep it sharp.

Play a puzzle game!

Play a simple game on your phone! In games like Hay Match, all you have to do is match symbols. This is fun and also good for your mind. Adults and children can benefit a lot from simple puzzle games that can be downloaded to the phone or tablet for free. These games are excellent to have when you need some distraction or just want a little bit of relaxation during a hectic day.

Play memory games

Memory games might seem a bit childish but if you start playing, you realize it is fun. You don’t have to get out the classic board game to play memory games. You could even arrange your own memory game by placing a few objects on the table. Compete with your family and friends to see who has the sharpest memory, best out of 5!

Fantasize as much as possible

Daydreaming is good for your brain. It has been proven that thoughts about love can make your mind more creative and more analytical. If you are not good at fantasizing, you can practice. Take a course to learn how to change how you feel by focusing on mental images.

Read books

Yes, it is very good to read books and also a lot of fun. When you read, you engage your brain in many ways. It doesn’t have to be fine literature to work. Easier novels are also good as well as cartoons. So encourage your own reading and make sure your kids are busy with storybooks often if you want their minds to become sharper!

Play games with kids

Playing with kids can be fantastic practice for the brain. Just get into the things that they do. Sit down and draw together and realize how children express thoughts and ideas in the cleverest ways using shapes and color. Talk about what you draw and use the moment to develop your thinking powers in new directions.

Exercise your body

Move your body and get the blood flowing! More oxygen to your brain is very good for better thinking. Take breaks during the day and get up from the chair for this purpose.

Listen to the radio

Use your listening skills more often. Turn on the radio and listen to the news rather than watching it on television. Without the visual media, your brain will have to come up with the images and this is good exercise.

Take gadget breaks

Let your brain rest from all the gadgets! Take a gadget break every now and then. Get a dumb phone for the days you are offline so that people can still reach you. Come back to the modern world refreshed and with a sharper mind!

Engage in conversations

It has been shown that talking for 10 minutes can be as beneficial as playing a brain game. So talk, talk and talk! Just by looking at someone, your brain’s language system will activate so don’t forget to listen too.

Do quizzes and crosswords

You find them online and in regular magazines. Take the time to enjoy a crossword every now and then. It will entertain you and it might keep your brain fresh for longer.