Sony Vaio P Will Travel in the Pocket

Netbooks are things that can stand you in good stead everywhere, so the easier they can be tucked in your clothing the better. That’s what Sony folks think. So they come up with Sony Vaio P, the 1.3 lbs. netbook that will go in a pocket and be your everpresent companion.

The Vaio P offers an eight inch display, a built-in webcam, Bluetooth features. The OS is Windows 7.

Sony Vaio P: Pocket Netbook

Right now two models are available. The VGN-P35LK employs an Intel Atom Processor with a 64GB SSD; you can have it white, red, green, gold or black. The VGN-P33LK, only black or white, lets you pocket a 80GB HDD and 2GB of DDR2 memory.

The pocket netbooks are for sale in Korea and it’s an open question whether they will make their way to the US.

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