Smart Mirror to Scan Your Body

The Naked Labs company creates scales and mirrors to obtain all the necessary information about the human body. Their last invention, Smart Mirror, works like a 3D scanner. To use this product, you need to stand on a special rotating platform, which will determine the weight. In the meantime, the mirror will create a three-dimensional model.

All the information will be displayed in a mobile application: the body mass index, muscle and fat mass, general health, the length of legs, and the volume of muscles.

The new product easily attracted $14 million of investment. Venture funds recognized a huge potential of Mirror, and it can be used not only to determine the state of the body, but also for Internet trading. Anyone who is somehow connected with body indicators can use Smart Mirror, for example, for making individual furniture to one’s personal size, sewing clothes or adjusting the seats and mirrors in a car.

Now the price of this smart device is $1,395, but Naked Labs is working to reduce the costs and expects that Smart Mirror will be used in all gyms and hospitals.