Robot Gives Style Tips


The scientists have created a robot that is able to give valuable tips on choosing clothes. It is a mathematical model that analyzes the latest fashion trends and is able to teach its master to always follow the latest changes in style.


The robot possesses the information about 144 thousands of posts published on one of the most popular fashion sites. The system uses an algorithm to determine whether this or that style of clothing or footwear is fashionable. The robot can quickly tell whether you have selected a fashionable wardrobe, or you will be called a person who does not have the least notion about style. The most valuable thing is that the robot also determines the appropriate combination of clothing and footwear.

The users of the site where the robot borrows information from post their own pictures in different clothes. Each image contains a detailed text description of the clothing, with the “likes” and users’ comments placed after it. To transform this information into an algorithm of “trendiness,” the robot creators used a deep network of neurons with a graphical probabilistic model, also called a conditional random field in science.

When making recommendations on clothes, this model takes into account such factors as your location and weather. The algorithm perfectly understands which fashionable wardrobe suits the representatives of different ages. The robot even makes recommendations depending on the city in which you live. The system evaluates how fashionable a person will be in some clothes. Studies have shown that the robot operates virtually without error.