A Robocar at Your Door, Here’s Your Grocery Order

Here’s a state-of-the-art solution for your grocery shopping, worked out by the Nuro technology company and the Kroger groceries in conjunction: your grocery orders may be delivered by an unmanned robocar quite soon! What you saw in a science fiction movie last month can be your nearest Kroger’s new offer next month.

The Kroger grocery chain with something like 2,800 outlets all over the US has already made the move to offer online shopping. You can buy your stuff online and collect your purchase bag at the nearest store or have it delivered by a company’s driver. Now they are going to organize delivery by new cars going without a driver designed by Nuro.

According to information from Mashable, the chain is to begin robocar testing early next year, delivering bread, milk, and eggs only for starter. The robocars will have no human control, so delivery people may start looking for alternative occupation. But the innovation is supposed to be beneficial for consumers who are expected to appreciate cost efficiency: shipping purchase bags to customers will be less expensive with ClickList, Kroger’s delivery service on the same day which is already operative.

After the workings of IoT, the Internet of Things, home technology can be arranged to connect so as to have orders instantly forwarded for the new method of delivery. Such up-to-date home technologies are now being designed by Nuro with the aim of controlling interior environment, and the task of augmenting them with food inventory management doesn’t seem too difficult. You may be adjusting heating, lighting, and food management as well as security by working a single system.

It’s always an unpleasant surprise to find out that you are short of food important to you, so, artificial intelligence to the rescue, you could soon have your grocery watched over by a smart homekeeping system that will be able to trace food sales and find the lowest prices for you to replenish your fridge.

The only drawback of the whole arrangement is that, upon the arrival of a robocar, no home robot will be waiting for it to claim the delivery, carry the food in and place it where it should be. The time of android home servants should be nearing to save us from these trifling motions. Having your meals prepared and breakfasts served in the bedroom is something to look forward to in foreseeable future.

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