A Purse-Like Portable Boom Box Dock from iLive

The latest version of iLive iPod Boombox differs but little from the previous one two years ago. The design has kept with a few alterations that smooth out the curves and make the new generation look more like a purse or a pocketbook. Altogether that goes for a nicer iPod Nano appearance.

iLive Purse

The iLive Portable Dock for iPod with Radio IB109P gives you all-round service for all iPod generations as well as for any other external player that can be connected to the AUX jack. The AM/FM radio naturally features for when you would like to tune on to something new.

The iLive Portable Dock for iPod with Radio is available for $29.99 and you will be offered a choice of colors.

Source of the image: chipchick.com.