Pure Lady, an Air Massage Chair You Can Use Everywhere

The Japanese are sure that a massage chair is a good thing to have around in most places you go to, so they are offering us this device called Pure Lady that can be folded and carried along. Apart from being compactly designed for easy carting, it allows for four different types of massage. There is the foot air bag providing foot and calf treatment with acupressure and Gui Innovation thrown in. The seat air bags are fitted with a mechanism that moves them from side to side massaging the thigh and the pelvis. Shiatsu massage will take care of your waist and back.

Pure Lady Air Massage Chair

The air massage chair is a stimulating red-and-white color, made from synthetic antibacterial leather. The pad cushioning looks fairly comfortable. The price is not given out yet, but young women who have a little private space for the Pure Lady and some time for pure massaging pleasure should start considering a purchase.

Source of the image: bornrich.org.