Manicure Robots Fingernails 2 Go

Do you get upset if you cannot visit your manicurist when she is at the seaside? Don’t you have enough time to go to a salon? Inviting a manicurist to your home or office would be a possible solution. But now there is a different proposal: how about getting a manicure on the street or at the mall, without communicating with a nail expert?


A device for applying nail design looks very similar to an ATM. And it works in a simple manner: it analyzes the shape of your nails, selects the sticker of a desired size, and glues it onto nails. You just select the desired design.

The service of such manicure robots costs $25 ($ 2.5 for each sticker). It is certainly not cheap, but very comfortable – especially for those who do not like spending a lot of time waiting in a queue, communicating with other clients of the salon, and piling compliments to your nail specialist.


Nail-art machines have first appeared on the Asian market. But maybe they will soon take root in Europe and the United States. The system is called Fingernails 2 Go, and it relies on the technology developed by the specialists in Japan, the USA, and by Hewlett Packard.

See how it works:

One can only wonder if such machines can also deal with pedicure.

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