Latro Lamp That Will Light up When You Breathe out

Yes, CO2 from your lungs can get this lamp alight, are you really surprised with science as highly developed as it is? You can almost call it a living lamp, for it is powered by algae tucked away in a special chamber. So take a little care to supply it with sufficient sunlight, CO2 and water, and you get an excellent bio-cum-battery lamp.

Algae Lamp

The idea for creating the Latro Lamp sprang up from a recent research carried out at the universities of Yansei and Stanford. It was found that during photosynthesis algae emit tiny electrical currents that can be stored in a battery. So the Latro Lamp accumulates the energy the algae generate during a day out in the sunlight. It is fitted with a light sensor to control the intensity and ensure that the algae are kept properly nourished.

Algae Lamp

Designed by Mike Thompson and displayed at Designboom, it just may be the beginning of a biological revolution in consumer gadgets. At least that’s what Thompson is dreaming about. He is sure that “plant life such as algae will become attractive sources for tapping energy.”

For the time being the lamp is just a design project checking if anyone cares to have a sea garden for a lamp.

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