The Second Laptop Beauty from HP and Vivienne Tam

Almost a year after the first result of the collaboration between fashion designer Vivienne Tam and worldwide computer producers HP hit the markets, here comes another computer solution from the same team. Their second mini laptop was exhibited at the designer’s Spring 2010 fashion presentation during the New York’s Fashion Week at Bryant Park.

Mini Laptop from HP and Vivienne Tam

Vivienne Tam, known for her devotion to modern Chinese motifs, made her first edition in red and violet with fascinating peonies. The new mini laptop is even more beautiful, if it is possible, with butterflies against champagne gold – a theme derived from Butterfly Lovers, a classic Chinese love story concerto.

HP Vivienne Tam Second Edition

The Butterfly mini laptop is announced for release in Spring 2010, and HP is yet to give out information on its specifications. Price is not known either, but the Peonies HP-Tam laptop goes for $550.

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