Intelligent Fitness Tracking Hula Hoop Vhoop

High technology penetrates into a variety of things that are seemingly familiar from childhood. Hula hoop is no exception. This sports equipment has become not only “smart”, but also compact.

Doctors from all over the world constantly say that overweight is one of the most acute problems of a modern individual, which appears due to the reduction of people’s daily activity and unhealthy nutrition. In order to be healthy and fit, you need to get engaged in fitness! Hula hooping is one of the “laziest” and at the same time effective exercises. High technology will help make this exercise even more effective! Quite recently, the crowdfunding campaign for the creation of an electronic hula hoop VHOOP has successfully ended. It was intended for busy people, who want to look perfect.

So, the first and most important feature of VHOOP is that this hula hoop can be disassembled and assembled again in just a minute. The main principle of assembling it is incredibly simple and at the same time reliable. In a disassembled form, this hula hoop is easily placed in a small bag. This allows you to carry it with you wherever you go and also use it anywhere, even at work.

The second important detail of VHOOP is the Bluetooth support, which enables connecting it to any mobile device. For the purpose of synchronization, the eponymous application is used. This makes the novelty even “smarter”, turning it into a full-fledged fitness tracker.

VHOOP can track the number of twirls made and calculate the amount of calories burned. It has a sports diary and gives advice on fitness. The user will also have a library of useful tips for losing weight and proper nutrition. Finally, the gadget can remind you of training by sending a message to your smartphone.

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