Gresso Black Diamonds iPhone 4

There’s always that little psychological problem with iPhones: although not at all intended for men exclusively, they’re originally men’s gadgets, serving to play up their businesslike, determined and efficacious appearance. Most of them look in the same vein: slick, deadly functional and rather austere. They may easily be regarded as a modern equivalent of a gun (complete with a holster). For an iPhone to be intrinsically ladyish is still not very common. But there are companies who try to come up with a phone that would look good only in a woman’s hand.

Gresso Black Diamonds iPhone 4 for women

Gresso has done more than that with their new marvelous iPhone 4 – it is a luxurious thing, refined, elegant and subtly haunting through its reflection of a woman’s allurement. African Blackwood that is two centuries old brings up the hint of exotic, ancient passions, a mystery that dwells in each relationship, female goddesses to whom one must offer a sacrifice. 18 carat pink gold and platinum exude sheer beauty and fascination, while white and black diamonds bespeak of fateful spells and irresistible attraction.

Gresso’s iPhone 4 has been designed to give you excellent service and be a powerful weapon to enhance your charms when you’re out to win.

Source of the image: Gresso.

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