Google Glass Team Up With Ray-Ban’s Designer

Would you be even seen dead in a pair of Google Glass? How about if they were designed by Ray-ban? Because that is what is going to happen and you had better believe it!


In an attempt to break into the fashion world with its brand of wearable tech, the search engine giant is teaming up with Italian design firm Luxottica with the intention of combining high-tech with avante-garde design. So watch out for the latest designs in smart eyewear – they promise panache and are expected to more twice as affordable!

To be fair something has to give. Early adopter of Google glass has been dubbed “Glassholes” – and that’s not a label you want to carry for a £900 price tag.

But it has to be said the geek community are pushing the boundaries of fashion and once Ray-ban weave their designer magic, Google can expect their trend-setting eyewear to go from creepy to cool.

What is Google Glass?

If you’ve not heard of Google Glass yet (where have been) allow us to fill you in, because we are witnessing the birth of a new generation of revolutionary devices – despite its glasshole setback.
Google eyewear combines blue-tooth and wi-fi connectivity with the interface and functions typically featured on mobile handsets. The difference is that the head mounted device allows you to interact with the technology hands-free. Instead it responds to voice commands.

Oh yes my friend, these fashion accessories are why we get excited about sci-fi thrillers!
The problem Google is facing at the moment however is it makes wearers look creepy. But that’s nothing a makeover will not cure!
But the search engine giant will need multiple frames before Glass appeals to a tech-savvy audience with a fashion conscious.

Why Ray-ban?

Manufactured with fibre-glass frames, Ray-bans are strong, flexible and light…everything electronic companies promote in portable technology, albeit it for different reasons.
It therefore makes complete sense for Google to team up with the like-minded designers of Ray-ban Wayfarers. A brand with roots that trace back to 1937, they are the most iconic designer eyewear on the market and favoured by celebrities more than any other fashion brand that promotes stylish sunglasses.

But not only that, Ray-bans, formerly have been trumpeted by celebrities since the 1950’s, by the likes of Roy Orbison and James Dean. These are shaded with a legacy which is as compelling as it is a fashion statement.
And the list continues throughout the decades. In the 1960’s, Peter Fonda sported a pair of Aviators in the film, Easy Rider, the 70’s and 80’s saw Harry Callahan in Magnum Force, Tom Cruise in Top Gun respectively and the 1990’s Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones flashed a pair in Men In Black.

Ray-ban is one of the most recognised brands in designer eyewear and became part of Luxottica Group in the late 1990’s, an Italian trend giant with a global reputation. They don’t rake in almost £6bn a year for being fashionable. Which is another astute nod to Google as Luxottica Group contract with a host of designer eyewear labels that will be selling the new Google Glass Ray-ban sunglasses in bricks and mortar stores all over the world together with online retailers.