Environmentally Proactive Spongesuit Bikini

The team of scientists from the University of California has developed a unique swimsuit that cares about the water environment by filtering contaminants in the water around its owner.


The swimsuit looks like a sexy bikini, which contains 3D-printed elastic mesh with embedded opaque plates made of a spongy substance. It is a super-absorbent, which is able to absorb harmful pollutants and repel water. Thus, the sponge cells can be filled only with polluting substances.



The collected substances are stored within the material and do not come in contact with the user. The only way to remove them is to heat the sponge to 1000 Celsius. The built-in bikini mesh is designed for 20 similar procedures and will then begin to lose its absorbent properties.


According to the developers, the swimsuit itself is very light, but the sponge is able to contain 25 times its own weight while absorbing pollutants. The question is how the ladies can walk on the beach or swim with such a weight and volume.


In any case, the 3D-printed swimsuit is merely a prototype. However, the team hopes for widespread use of the spongy substance in future and plans to launch not only bikini swimsuits, but also shorts and wetsuits for surfers. As a result, everyone will be able to take part in cleaning water resources.

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