E Ink Thinnest Wristwatch

The wristwatch market is still fairly active, new stuff springing up now and again, iPod Watch or Sony Smartphone coming up with noteworthy models, yet a wristwatch at the CES 2013 came as a cool surprise. Created by E Ink, the CST-01 is presented as the thinnest watch in the world.


The wristwatch, successfully competing with a credit card in thinness, is a one-piece design by Central Standard Timing made of flexible stainless steel measuring 0.8mm and weighing 12g. It boasts a display made with E Ink technology and a rechargeable micro energy cell battery that is good for 100,000 charges or approximately 15-year life. External charge time comes to 10 minutes owing to an inbuilt Thinergy Micro-Energy Cell.


You can pre-order the E Ink CST-01 on Kickstarter from $129 up, obtaining it some time in spring 2013.

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