New Crystallized-Decorated Vodafone VF533

Vodafone customers are expected to be delighted with the new exquisite cell phone model Vodafone VF533 released through the co-operation of Sagem Wireless and CRYSTALLIZED.

Vodafone VF533

Vodafone VF533 is a slider cell phone equipped with an MP3 player, FM radio, Bluetooth for wireless transfers, video calling, a 1.3MP digital camera enabling you to take pictures and videos whenever you’re in the mood, and a 2-inch display to enjoy the results. Not to mention built-in modem functionality, tri-band support and storage capacity up to 4GB supported by an SD memory card.

Vodafone VF533 Sagem

CRYSTALLIZED takes credit for the exterior ornamented by white Swarovski crystals on the black chassis producing the right aura of elegance.


No market information is known yet.

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