A Clever Milk Jug That Knows about Your Milk

Your nose as a sensor telling you of the state of your milk can now be replaced by a milk jug that knows exactly whether you can rely on the milk being fresh.

The idea to supply us with a new sensor instead of the long-serving (or long-suffering) in-built one belongs to designer Oliver Newberry, who stuffed a milk jug with high technology topped with an HP sensor that estimates the acidity of the milk. An LCD screen on the jug changes “Fresh” to “Sour” as soon as the acidity gets too high. Besides it is fitted with an alarm system.

Milk Jug: useful kitchen gadget

Now just in case an idea flashes across your mind that this sort of thing is fairly useless, you should know that British statistics show 330,000 tons of milk gets rejected from the kitchen table on the suspicion that it is off.

Cravendale, the milk company that came up with the wastage figure, hails the new gadget that is supposed to “take the guess work out of determining when your milk has soured.”

One wonders if the jug technology can be adjusted to warn us beforehand so we could catch the moment when the milk is still good?

Source of the image: Techchee.com.

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