Bite Counter Promotes Weight Loss

Bite Technologies has an easy answer for the people who get reckless when they find themselves at the dinner table. Oh well, even if you are in good terms with yourself about eating (and not wolfing down your food), why not keep tabs on how much you take in? Here is an easy-to-use wrist gadget dubbed the Bite Counter designed to count bites (and drinks) to help you control the eating process.

Bite Counter by Bite Technologies

The gadget looks almost like a common wristwatch on an adjustable nylon band. It counts your bites, keeps a log that can be downloaded to your PC for analyzing, and has an alarm buzz feature that lets you know when you have reached your limit.

The Bite Counter will cost you $799. It is powered by a 3.6v Li-Ion rechargeable battery; included are a USB-AC power adapter and a microUSB cable.

Source of the image: Engadget.

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