Backyard Game Slip n’ Slide Knee Hockey Rink

As a summer pastime The Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink is unsurpassed, combining hockey, a great deal of water and the fun of slipping n’ sliding. All your muscles will get a proper workout in this joyful game – just for $49.95.

Water Soaked Knee Hockey Rink

The set includes the rink measuring 5 x 9 ft which is equipped with 30 nozzles ready to spout the much welcome water in fountains up to 2 ft high as soon as you attach it to the garden hose. Then you inflate the two goals, get armed with hockey sticks made from soft plastic and get busy chasing around a plastic puck (it is slightly larger than the real one). Water jets and slipping will make it harder to control the game as you would have wanted but add a sizable chunk of fun. Have a sporting summer!

Source of the image: Hammacher.