ArchPort Flip Flops Keep Valuables Safe

As summertime is warming up for an overwhelming heat attack we will be gradually shedding pieces of clothing. Yea, that’s all right, but we begin losing on pockets at a great rate while the number of small items we have to carry about doesn’t diminish. The problem grows acute when we head for the beach, for having our best smartphone dangling loosely in a wide shorts pocket or thudding against other stuff in the only pocket we have is pretty unbearable.

ArchPort Flip Flops for gadgets

Now these ArchPort Flip Flops provide you with a fairly good container for your money, credit cards, players and other small gadgets. There is a hideaway concealed in the arch support. If you think it’s not exactly convenient to get the stuff in/out, consider what the inconvenience makes up for – there’s not a chance you will mislay or leave behind money or important things, you don’t have to fumble for them in your pockets, and they are perfectly safe from any attempts at stealing.

This personal carry-about safe and footwear are available for $55.

Source of the image: Gizmodiva.

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