4 Snowball Making Gadgets

At the very peak of winter even those who have eschewed snowball fights before will feel a stronger urge to indulge in some carefree winter tomfoolery and prove their prowess at hurling snowballs at those whom they love and value. But in our high-tech times you can as well step onto the battlefield armed with one or four snow play gadgets.


What are these accessories that promise to perfect your snowballing talent?

First, to single out your snowballs as the most ideally-shaped and esthetically pleasing ones here is a gadget called the Sno-baller, aka Snowball Maker. It puts out the roundest snowballs in the state as quickly as you can wish. For less than $10 you can get a tool that will compensate for your thick clothing that hampers your movement ability – and can serve you faithfully in the summertime as food scooper to boot.

The next $25 will supply you with a solution to the problem of how to manage the shower of snowballs produced on the Sno-baller. The Snowball Slinging Xistera is the device that will take care of slinging, and how! The curved tool can throw your snowballs as far as 150 feet, guaranteeing a wide space around you clear of fearful enemy. What you can’t achieve with your brawn you can with your money, and then you can refund some of the expense by selling one to your enemy, for the Xisteras come in sets of two.

Snowball Slinging Xistera

Now that you have done a spot of successful trade and your enemy is likewise armed, you do not worry about it at all because you have at your disposal another useful gadget that will provide you with excellent defense facilities. As soon as you’ve spotted an ideal place for an impregnable castle, get out your Snow Castle Making Kit (fully worth its $19 price tag) and defy your opponent’s Operation Slinging Xistera. Again, in six months’ time you can take it to the seaside with you to make the finest sandcastle on the beach (don’t forget to scratch the word “Snow” off the kit before you do to avoid jokes).

Castle Making Kit

Another battle factor that won’t make you bat an eyelid is bold offensive undertaken by the opponents’ superior forces. For you have a fearsome device dubbed the Snowball Blaster. You shovel snow inside, cover the Blaster – the lid pressure makes three large snowballs – and jerk the trigger. The charge gets slingshot hitting everyone within the 50-foot shooting range. There are no batteries that could freeze up and die on you at the direst hour. The $29.95 price includes targets for you to train your eye.

Snowball Blaster for snowballs battles

Forewarned is forearmed, so there’s no way you can lose in a snowball fun this winter.

Source of the image: Designwoo.

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