Weight Loss after Pregnancy. Third Trimester

Weight Loss after PregnancyIt’s the third postpartum trimester. Your toddler has already achieved a feeling of independence in moving. Now it is impossible to leave the baby alone for even a moment. It would seem easy to place the child for a long term with relatives and start taking care of yourself at least occasionally. But something still prevents you from shedding post-pregnancy weight.

Baby’s Food Doesn’t Let You Lose Weight

What prevents from losing weight? Introducing solid foods. At this stage baby is ready to start eating solids. Start out slowly, preparing no more than a teaspoon or two and gradually increasing portion sizes. Yet you are not likely to cook just a few tablespoons of food for your baby everyday. Even the smallest baby food jars are bigger than two spoonfuls.

So mom finishes her toddler’s leftover food: don’t let good food go to waste!

Weight Loss during the Third Postpartum Trimester

How to lose weight? Third trimester is the time to think about a diet. Replace fatty foods with low-fat ones and don’t neglect dishes rich in animal protein, calcium and iron. Eat more vegetables, cottage-cheese, low-fat meat and fish. Drink milk and fermented milk products. Have the following “slimming” cocktail for your snacks. Mix a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese with a glass of low-fat kefir and add a spoonful of cereals and boiled buckwheat.

Dieting Tips during the Third Postpartum Trimester

Most breastfeeding mothers are soft on chocolate bars and cakes. It indicates carbohydrate-deficiency. You can substitute goodies to oatmeal with skim milk, hard wheat pasta and whole grain bread.

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